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Sealing Services - Long lasting beautiful Pavers for Pool Deck, Driveway, Patios, and Walkways:



Should I seal my pavers?


When creating an outdoor patio, walkway, or driveway with pavers, you may wonder whether you should spend the extra time and budget to seal the pavers.


While we understand that the sealing service adds to the final cost of your project, Florida Eco Pavers believes that you should invest in this service for the protection of your pavers.


Like any other type of brick material, stone pavers are susceptible to oil stains, mildew, fading and unwanted weeds. By sealing your pavers, you’re ensuring that they look their best for as long as possible.


We use a water-based sealer over an oil-based sealer because it's eco-friendly and it boosts the attractiveness of your outdoor space. The sealer will bring out the natural colors of your stone. The water-based sealer we use will enhance the look of your pavers and make sure they are beautiful for as long as you have them.


What happens if I have an oil stain on my pavers - can you still use a sealer?


If it’s a recent oil stain, you may still be able to clean the pavers with dishwasher soap and water before we apply the sealer. Keep in mind that each case for oil stain can be different; in some cases, we might need to replace the pavers where the oil stain is located.


If the stains have been on your pavers for quite some time, we will have to replace the pavers. The material in the pavers is very porous and due to the chemicals in the stains, it will not be able to be removed.


For those with older stains in your pavers, we recommend that you replace the pavers before you add the sealer over it.

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